Monday, April 13, 2009

Two weeks worth of pictures!

I haven't blogged in two weeks! We have been so busy! Harrison is growing and becoming sweeter by the day. Jesse made the comment last Sunday that he loves him more each day and I would have to agree! I think he is over the colic because he has been a different baby the past two weeks. He smiles constantly and I can actually put him down to cook and clean. Wow, what a difference that has made. :) He loves for us to talk to him. I'm beginning to see signs of laughter. I can't wait to hear his little laugh. Saturday, my Dad and Steven stopped by on the boat and took Harrison on his first boat ride. It was windy and they were having father/son time so we just rode for a few minutes, but he loved it! He enjoys going outside for a walk to the river every afternoon to watch Daddy row across the river. I've added some of those pictures too. It's hilarious! The boats name is "stinkbate." We didn't name it, but it sure fits. Uncle Mark and Aunt Darlene came over last weekend for dinner. We really enjoyed spending time with them. It was their first time meeting little Harrison (or should I say little Jesse, since he looks nothing like me!). Harrison also got his picture taken with Aunt Monica and Brandyn. That was before he threw up on her twice! Also, cousin Hannah celebrated her first birthday last Wednesday. I cannot believe she is already a year old! Time just goes by too fast! She is sweet and beautiful. She loves to pat Harrison on the head. Oh, and Harrison got his first taste of ice cream Friday night. When I wasn't looking Jesse and Dad thought it would be funny to give him a taste of Dairy Queen ice cream. Needless to say he loved it! Well, I think I covered it much takes place over two weeks with a 3 month old! May the Lord give you and your family an abundance of grace this week!

Marvelling in God's grace,



Abbi said...

great pics!!!
it's hard to believe i think we do love them more each day!! he's adorable!

The Musgrove's said...

I can't believe he is 3 months old and I STILL haven't seen him. Ugh! I hope to not be so busy here soon and I promise I will come and see your lil man.

Kasey said...

The picture in the middle, I was like WOW look at all those babies!!

The Libby's said...

He is getting too big! We need to get together SOON! I havent seen him in a long time. And you wont believe Cale. He is EVERYWHERE!!!!

monica said...

Finally...Aunt Monica has a picture with sweet baby boy!!!

Oh yeah...the one with you and Harrison in the stroller is beautiful. You look so good!