Monday, October 27, 2008

Our little miracle

I Samuel 1:19 "...and the Lord remembered her."

We all know the story of Hannah, the faithful wife of Elkanah, who prayed every year for the Lord to bless her with a child. I cannot count the times I would read this passage while imploring the Lord for a child of my own. This was a passage of hope for me. My only desire has been to serve the Lord as a wife and mother. On May 14th, the dream of being a mother was beginning to look hopeless. I had had some tests done on April 25th and when I went for my follow up on May 14th I was told that with Jesse's results and mine, we would need to see a specialist for conception. Of course, I was upset and immediately called and scheduled an appt. for us 5 days later, May 19th. The day before our appt. was a Sunday and Jesse and I discussed the option of adoption and had settled that if that was the will of the Lord, then we would be delighted in it. So, with that settled, I was not as anxious when we went to the reproductive specialist the next day. We were seated in the doctor's personal office and Jesse was whisked away for another test. While he was gone, the nurse came in and with an awkward, giggly look, said, "um, your pregnant!" I responded with, "Shut up!" and then asked her to please redo the test. She came back with two positive tests! Needless to say, I was shocked! Jesse came in a few seconds later and when I showed him the tests, he asked what they were. When I told him the news, his reply was, "It's a miracle!" And so, that is what we call our little baby boy, our little miracle. Truly, the Lord took a very long and trying time in my life and turned it into a joyous declaration of God's glory! I think often about the times (oh, there were so many) I would cry unto the Lord with anguish and pleading! As, I'm typing this and feeling little Harrison kick and squirm, I can't help but cry and thank the Lord for His abundant grace and mercy!