Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I could eat him up!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Catching up again!

I walked into Dad's office and found Harrison enjoying some of Papa's sweet tea! Despite my telling Dad I didn't want Harrison to have anything except nature's finest :) he was determined to allow Harrison to have some Sonny's sweet tea, oh well!

Our matching office attire!

I heard a horn beeping outside the office, so I looked outside and saw that Harrison was "driving" the dump truck. He loved the horn.

Harrison is now a big boy! Last Monday, Jesse and I put together his high chair and we went to town on an organic cookie, while we ate dinner. What a big boy he is!

Harrison is sitting up pretty good, now at 61/2 months.

Harrison loved the sparklers! We have the most fun with our bundle of joy!

We thought he would be scared of the firecrackers because they were soooo loud. However, he just sat in SugaMama's lap and smiled.

Julie and I worked hard for a good picture of Harrison and Hannah in their chairs!

Snuggling with SugaMama and SugaPop

One hot dude!

Harrison and Aunt Jade headed outside to play.

Harrison's Baptism was such a sweet moment. I often sat in church and dreamed of the day we would have the joy of dedicating our little gift from our Father. It finally arrived and was definitely monumental!

Pastor Jennings baptized a sleeping Harrison.

I kept Hannah a couple of weeks ago and here is one shot I got before she moved on to the next toy. She is a busy little girl who is such a joy!

Mom keeps Harrison for a little while on Tuesdays. She mostly rocks him and gives him cookies!