Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Jesse preached at Ruhamah again on Sunday, so Dad came to hear him and then invited us over for steaks and swimming. This was Harrison's first time in his bathing suit that was too big for him. :) He of course had to sport his shades like Daddy and Papa.

Last Wednesday we stopped by West Nassau for a meeting with Mr. Booker and to see Mimi. Ms. Mae was my custodian all 4 years at WN. Every day we would talk about our struggle to get pregnant and she would pray for us. She was so excited to see the fruit of her prayers. She affectionately calls herself Grandmama Mae.


The Libby's said...

Love the shades! Cale has a pair too :)

monica said...

GIRL...too CUTE!!!!

I just want to kiss all of that sugar on those cheeks.

Great pic of you Harrison and your dad!

TheVanzants said...

what a cool dude :) He is so precious, Kristin!

Good to see you the other day! You look great!

GirlB300 said...

Oh so cute! And Ms. Mae is a sweet lady!

Hollie said...

love his little sunglasses!

happy late mother's day to you!