Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two Months, Already!

We can not believe that Harrison is 2 months old! The past two months have been filled with love, adventure, wonder, laughter, tears....and several sleepless nights. Words cannot describe the love we have for Harrison. Last night Jesse and I were reading a book by CJ Mahaney and he made a quote about the vast love God has for us in sending His Son to die for our sins. I told Jesse I have a whole new outlook on the Cross now that I have a child. I would never allow Harrison to suffer and die for others' sin! What a God we serve!
I posted pictures from Aunt Jade Leah's 21st birthday dinner, The dinner we had with the Libby's, Hern's and Davis's, Aunt Sashy who always visits us at the shop every week, Uncle Steven who walks Harrison around outside so that I can get a little work done, pictures from bath time...which is now done with minimal screaming, walks to the river and his 2 month checkup today. He is growing so fast...already in 6 month clothing! Well, he is screaming now, so I'll post again later. :)

He has no idea what's about to take place at his 2 month doctor visit! Shots! He screamed and I cried with him!

Aunt Sashy stopped by to see how I felt after my shots.

My 2 month visit

Getting ready to roll to the river!

Daddy strolled me down to the river...I love being outside!

All smiles!

Mommy and me

I'm not too happy, Daddy just took out my pacifier!

I laugh all of the time!

Daddy and me after church.


I'm a star in my 6 month pajamas (already!)

Uncle Steven spends time with me at Papa's shop while Mommy works.

I give up!!

Ashlee rocked me and kept me from crying....she's wonderful!

Wow, she's pretty!

Me and Aunt Tara

My future girlfriend, Kaylee Grace

My best buddy Cale Libby

Finally, I love my baths!

Mommy giving me a bath

Uncle Tina, Aunt Jade and cousin Hannah

Me and Uncle Jarrod, I'm much cuter! :)

My Aunt Jade loves me

Sugapop is making funny noises.

Whew, it's getting hot in here!

Me and my Sugamama watching the steam from the grill.

Uncle Tina, Aunt Jade and me


The Libby's said...

Such a sweet boy!

monica said...

I love these pictures. HE is SO CUTE!!!

GirlB300 said...

He is growing!! Still looks like a mini-Jesse. Sorry, I have to ask...Uncle Tina? At first I thought it was a typo, but then saw it again. Now I'm cracking up because my captia is 'imatim'...ROFL

Abbi said...

omg....he's adorable...growing sooo fast!