Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Little Valentine

How could you not "love me"?

Harrison looked so cute in his red shirt with his little GAP jeans! Meme bought him 3 Valentine bibs and he showed off all 3 at my doctor's appt. on Friday. Aunt Jade had to go along to help. Harrison screamed the entire way to St. Vincent's. He has a temper like his Papa! :) Atleast that's who we always blame it on...even though his Mommy has a temper herself (of course she got hers from Papa, too. :)

This is a "I'm about to scream" face. :) We sure do love this little Valentine!!

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The Libby's said...

Cale used to sream everywhere we went too! It is very nerve racking. He finally stopped about 3 months old, when he could "play" with his toys.