Monday, February 9, 2009

Mommy's Monster

His shirt says it all! Little Harrison Ray can be Mommy's monster! His pediatrician told me last week that infants cannot be spoiled until they are 6 months old. Well, I wanted to say, "Come home with me and you will change your mind!" :) I've spent nights in the recliner with Harrison on my chest so he would sleep. He has slept with us one night and now I have invested (yes, at this point it is an investment) in a Baby Bojourn baby carrier, so that I can get something done around the house! He will literally be screaming his head off and as soon as I pick him up, the crying stops. He will be 5 weeks old tomorrow...a long way from 6 months, but I'm telling you, he is spoiled! So, I wanted to share a picture I just took of him screaming because I wasn't holding him and yes, he is wearing his shirt that says, "Mommy's Monster". I had no idea that when Mrs. Julie bought this outfit last summer that it would come true! :) I sure do love my little monster!

7 comments: said...

5 weeks and already spoiled! Just know it's only going to get worse!!! He's beautiful.

Dana said...

He's precious Kristen!! And yes, you're right, they can be spoiled WAY before 6 months....hey, atleast you realize it...that's a big step!! LOL

It only gets worse, let me tell you!!

GirlB300 said...

Go ahead and spoil him he is yummy! you look beautiful too!! God bless you guys..

monica said...

Princess...he is not spoiled...he is just welcoming you to motherhood. My six year old still begs to crawl in bed with me :-) When does the spoiling stop? Just remember, they are only little for a small time and then...they grow up and this part of their lives shall pass. Even though it may seem stressful and I am sure you are praying for just an hour of will miss these days!!!!

Hollie said...

Little Harrison Ray is quite the cutie! He is seriously adorable!

I'm afraid the spoiling only gets worse....but it's so much fun!

Enjoy it! Kate will be two in June and it makes me sad the think about how time flies!

Conner Cutoff said...


you spoil him-

let dad tighten him up!

That is what we do w/boys.

However, when it comes to girls yall have to tighten them.

If I have a girl... I don't know what I'll do. I will probably be soft.
Just the way things are.

The Musgrove's said...

Kristin he is precious! I have been wanting to come out there and see you guys, but have been really busy with school and coaching softball. Hopefully sometime some I will make it to see your little man.