Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's been a while!

Wow! Have we been busy! Harrison is growing like a weed! I'm not sure where to start, so I'll give you an update for each of us separately.

Harrison- Oh, he is so sweet! He smiles constantly and loves everyone. His 9 month clothes are getting a little snug. I had no idea he would grow this fast! Harrison is an absolute joy and we continually thank the Lord for him. Speaking of thanking the Lord, Harrison will be dedicated this Sunday. We are so excited about the great responsibility the Lord gives us to train our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

Jesse- Jesse has decided to pursue the internship at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Jacksonville. It is a long process and will require Jesse to not only finish his Bachelor's (he only has 1 semester to go!), but also requires that he attend seminary for 4 years. So, we are of course praying about the details of this. Please pray with us for God's direction. Let me just say as a side note that I praise the Lord for the husband and father that Jesse has become. The Lord has truly changed him and made him a new man. It is an absolute joy and privilege to be his wife and mother of his child.

Kristin- Although I enjoyed teaching, I must say that I have never been more satisfied or fulfilled than I am right now. Being a wife and mother are the utmost privilege and such a blessing from the Lord. Praise the Lord for giving me my heart's desire...a child. And so my days are filled with feeding and caring for Harrison, maintaining our home, spending time studying God's Word (which is the highlight of my day), running with Rayna, working 2 days for Dad, 1 day for Mr. Harry and attending Ladies Bible Study on Wednesdays. Now you can see why I haven't updated my blog in a month!

Just a quick explanation of the pictures: Once a week Dad takes us to lunch, well Harrison runs the show at the office and everywhere else he goes. (oh, the damage control we are going to have to do because of this!:) So, Harrison wanted to watch the TV that was behind me so Dad turned him around so he could watch it while we ate. Spoiled already!

If you look closely, you will see that Harrison has a little surprise coming out of his diaper. He was sitting in my lap and I looked down and I was covered in that surprise! The clothes basket was sitting beside me so I sat him in it so I could hold my shorts up to keep "it" from falling on the floor! Disgusting, let me tell you! He did enjoy the basket, though. :)

Steven likes to spike Harrison's hair up when we go to lunch. He says Harrison has to look like a cool dude!

Harrison loves his exersaucer!

His first time in the pool! He loved it!


GirlB300 said...

Kristen, sounds like you guys are doing wonderfully! That is very exciting about Westminster Presbyterian!! Keep us posted on how everything is going. And I have to say that I had my fair share of those 'surprises', lol! Glad you're enjoying motherhood!

The Libby's said...

Love the new pictures!!!

Kasey said...

I had a surprise like that at Outback Steakhouse when Hayley was about the same age!

Ryan said...

That's wonderful about Westminster! Is Jesse considering online seminary or actually going to one on location? If not online I'm thinking Southern would be the perfect choice! You guys could live by us!!

Abbi said...

it's great to hear yall are doing so well!
harrison is sooo adorable! and he is growning up too fast!!
love all of the pics!