Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saving faith is persevering faith.

As I sit to write my first blog, I feel compelled to do so in an introductory fashion as to why we decided to call it (our blog) persevering faith. At the heart of the Christian gospel is the sweet assurance that all those who come to Christ in faith and repentance will receive eternal life. The nature of this life is just that: it is eternal. That means it does not end. Once given in justification, it most certainly will see its completion in glorification. I am reminded of what the apostle Paul told the Philippians; "He who has begun the good work in you, WILL complete it..." and also to the Thessalonians he said "He who has called you is faithful, and will complete it." That is to say that the God who has called us to salvation will also be the one to bring that salvation to its full maturation in Heaven. This along with countless others in the New Testament make it crystal clear that once someone is saved, they CAN NEVER LOSE THAT SALVATION! If saving faith is the work of God alone, and it is, then our salvation rests not in our ability to keep it, but in the character of the One who gave it, and my friends our God NEVER LEAVES ANYTHING HALF DONE!! As one of my heroes in the faith, John MacArthur has said "you mean to tell me that Christ is going to demand my life, a life of sacrifice,rejection, obedience,and cross bearing only to let me fall away at the end? This is too much to ask for too little a return!!" As the Westminster Confession says " Those whom God hath chosen will never fatally nor finally fall away, but will most certainly persevere therein (their faith). My friends SAVING FAITH IS PERSEVERING FAITH. THIS IS THE FAITH GOD GIVES, AND THIS IS THE FAITH BY WHICH WE ARE SAVED!! SOLA FIDE SOLA CHRISTUS (BY FAITH ALONE IN CHRIST ALONE)!

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Mrs. Hinson said...

To God be the Glory! I enjoyed reading this post and have been checking back for another, but it hasn't happened. Come on guys, get to blogging!